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"Feel the freedom of touch, breath and relaxation.”



My name is Kathleen (Kath) Shaw.  I am a certified Rosen Method Practitioner and Spiritual Director located in Rochester MN. 

Both Rosen Method Bodywork and Spiritual Direction work with the body, mind and Spirit. 

Rosen Method Bodywork is a private one-on-one 60 minute bodywork session designed for those who are seeking a holistic approach to physical and emotional health.  Using safe, gentle healing touch we contact the chronically tight and held muscles.  The direct, non invasive, deep contact encourages awareness of self through the breath, through relaxation and by connecting to the essence and aliveness of the person.  Through this process the body is able to release stress, tension and repressed emotion stored in the body, which can cause physical and emotional pain.  The practitioner supports the client’s unfolding with contactful touch, verbal dialogue and holding a safe space, which invites and encourages self discovery, self expression and positive transformation. As the client becomes aware of their patterns, and unconscious limitations held inside the body, new possibilities arise.  

Spiritual Direction is a 60 minute session designed to help the client deepen into their faith journey and discover how the Holy Spirit/God/Divine is active in your life. 


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