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"Feel the freedom of touch, breath and relaxation.”

You can benefit from Rosen Method Bodywork if you.....


  • Have chronic pain or muscle tension
  • Want to regain more freedom of movement
  • Are interested in personal growth
  • You seek release from stress and tension stored in the body
  • Want to gain more self-confidence and a greater sense of self
  • Seek relief and deep relaxation
  • Seek physical, emotional and spiritual awareness
  • Want to establish deeper connections with self and others 
  • Want to release unconscious limitations and physical holding, where you may be holding back in life or holding on to old painful memories, emotions or behavior patterns
  • Interested in being more comfortable and in tune with your feelings & emotions
  • Reclaim and restore your ability to love, grieve, joy and peacefulness 
  • Want to lessen depression and anxiety

Also, Rosen Method Bodywork is a great complement to psychotherapy.  The work touches what is unconscious in the body and can open doors to greater vulnerability, intimacy and self-expression, which often brings up new awareness and insights to work on in the therapy setting. Upon the client’s request, as a Rosen Method Practitioner, I am qualified to work with counselors, therapists, and other health professionals. 


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